With your pen order you receive a complimentary Maple Wood Pen Box. For an additional fee you can upgrade or add engraving to your pen box. Would you like to upgrade or add engraving?

Looking for a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gift ..??.. Look no further.

We offer several wooden pen boxes that can be engraved with the pen recipient’s name or a personal sentiment. For example a groom ordered custom pens for each of his groomsmen. He had their names engraved on the pens. However instead of a gift card the groom had a personal message engraved to each of his groomsmen on their wood pen box. Now both the pen and the gift box are treasured.

*McKinney Pens includes a complimentary ‘Maple Wood Pen Box’ with any pen order. The additional pen boxes that are listed below are also available as an ‘upgrade’ option when you order your pen and are at a reduced price.

Note: Pen boxes can be ordered and engraved without a pen order but are priced differently than with a pen order. Select your pen box style to see the individual pricing details.

Complete Item Listing: Pen Boxes

*Maple Wood Pen Box ~ without pen order:

*Maple Wood Pen Box ~ without pen order:$9.50

Our maple pen boxes engrave beautifully, so do consider engraving. The lighter wood allows for a greater contrast with the engraved lettering.

Bubinga Wood Pen Box ~ without pen order:

Bubinga Wood Pen Box ~ without pen order:$17.50

This pen box is luxuriously crafted with an eye to detail. The Bubinga pen box will let you present your pen in style. The box is constructed of solid wood with a soft, padded felt interior and has a magnetic lid closure.

Cherry Wood Pen Box ~ without pen order:

Cherry Wood Pen Box ~ without pen order:$16.50

This Cherry Wood pen box is very elegant. Green felt is on the the back side of the box so it sits nicely on a desktop. The cherry wood produces a nice gold-toned effect to the lettering when engraving on the top lid.

Rosewood Pen Box ~ without pen order:

Rosewood Pen Box ~ without pen order:$13.50

These beautifully finished boxes have an elegant look.