With your pen order you receive a complimentary Maple Wood Pen Box. For an additional fee you can upgrade or add engraving to your pen box. Would you like to upgrade or add engraving?

Looking for a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gift ..??.. Look no further.

Gift Ideas

Having a hard time finding a gift for someone who has everything? Do you know a couple getting married for the second time and you’re at a loss on what to buy them to honor the occasion? Unique pens… custom made just for them!

All of our pen styles have been huge hits as employee and customer appreciation gifts! Not only are the recipients overwhelmed by the beauty of the pen but they know that you didn’t run to a store to buy a random gift. They feel appreciated.

McKinney Pens custom pen orders are available to ship usually within 72 hrs of receiving an order, dependent upon if the material requested is in stock. However, we also have pens that we’ve handcrafted ahead of time — ‘Ready-Made’ — if you need your pen sooner.

  • Wedding ~ Looking for something unique to give a couple that already has everything..??.. How about creating a ‘His & Hers’ wedding gift package. It’s a perfectly elegant gift to give and receive.
  • Anniversary ~ Did you know that the traditional fifth year wedding anniversary gift is ‘wood’? Consider a unique and beautiful wood pen. Present your pen in an elegant wood box engraved with YOUR sentimental expression, the recipient’s name, or perhaps the wedding anniversary date. Your gift will become a treasured heirloom.
  • Graduation ~ A custom, unique pen is a great way to celebrate a graduation achievement. We have several high school graduates comment how much they have enjoyed their pen when they went off to college.
  • Birthday ~ Do you know someone that maintains a daily journal? Help keep them inspired with a beautiful pen that they can keep with their journal.
  • Employee Recognition & Customer Appreciation ~ We have several companies order custom pens and pen boxes for their employees or customers. A unique, handcrafted pen demonstrates a high level of appreciation not matched by many other run-to-the-store / random gifts.
  • Collectors ~ It’s amazing how many people collect pens! Really! Select from our big variety of materials to create a unique pen to add to the collection.