With your pen order you receive a complimentary Maple Wood Pen Box. For an additional fee you can upgrade or add engraving to your pen box. Would you like to upgrade or add engraving?

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We have several different types pen materials that we maintain in our inventory. Below is just a sampling of what we offer… we have lots more. If you are looking for a special type of wood or other material not listed here, send us an email describing what you’re looking for. If we do not have it in our inventory we can arrange to get it for you.

A sampling of our materials inventory

Type Name Source Description
Amboyna Burl
Amboyna Burl Wood ExampleAmboyna Burl Wood Example
S. E. Asia Amboyna Burl is found on the Narra tree in S.E. Asia. The color ranges from golden brown to blood red with many swirls and eyes.
Bethleham Olive
Bethleham Olive Wood ExampleBethleham Olive Wood Example
Bethlehem Olive wood trees from the ancient city are carefully pruned each year following the harvest. No harm is inflicted upon the trees, which have endured and been bearing fruit since the time of the Romans.
Birdseye Maple
Birds Eye Maple Wood ExampleBirds Eye Maple Wood Example
North America Birdseye Maple has a distictive pattern of tiny swirling "eyes" in the otherwise smooth lines of the Maple wood. Birdseye Maple is not a specific species of Maple but rather a phenomenon that occurs in several varieties of Maple (and other wood species as well) for an unknown reason.
Bloodwood ExampleBloodwood Example
South America Bloodwood has a fine, sometimes slighlty wavy, grain. Bloodwood color varies from dark red to dark brownish red.
Bois de Rose
Bois de Rose Wood ExampleBois de Rose Wood Example
Madagascar Bois de Rose "wood that is red" is also known as Madagascar Rosewood. Bois de Rose has a fine grain and is dark red to dark purple in color.
Boxelder Burl
Boxelder Burl Wood ExampleBoxelder Burl Wood Example
North America Boxelder is a species of Maple native to North America. The Boxelder Burl is cream to tan in color with darker swirls and eyes. Sometimes you will also find bark inclusions.
Buckeye Burl
Buckeye Burl Wood ExampleBuckeye Burl Wood Example
North America Buckeye is found throughout North America. The burl is one of the most varied burls avaiable. The colors can range from cream, tan, brown grey, blue, through to black, all in the same piece of wood. Buckeye Burl often will have bark inclusions . Each piece is truly unique.
Cocobolo Wood ExampleCocobolo Wood Example
Central America Cocobolo is an exotic wood native to Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. The wood is very durable and strong, with a fine texture and is often used in furniture or musical instrument inlays. It is extremely beautiful, ranging in color from dark red to reddish brown, with an irregular grain pattern.
Curly Koa
Curly Koa Wood ExampleCurly Koa Wood Example
Hawaii Curly Koa varies from light to dark brown, often with darker streaks and has a deep fiddle back figure.
Curly Maple
Curly Maple Wood ExampleCurly Maple Wood Example
North America Curly Maple, like most Maples, varies from light cream to medium tan in color with a distinct wavy chatoyance.
Desert Ironwood
Desert Ironwood  ExampleDesert Ironwood Example
North America Desert Ironwood varies from medium to dark brown with gold streaks that come and go as the reflecting light changes.
Leopard Wood
Leopard Wood  ExampleLeopard Wood Example
South America Leopard Wood is medium to dark reddish brown with a distinct flecking that resembles the spots of a leopard. Hence its name.
Maple Burl(Big Leaf)
Maple Burl(Big Leaf) Wood  ExampleMaple Burl(Big Leaf) Wood  Example
North America The color of Maple Burl, varies wildly from cream to very dark brown, often with bark inclusions. Like all burls the grain is all over the map.
Paduak Wood  ExamplePaduak Wood  Example
Africa Color varies from a slightly “orange-ish red” to “red-ish purple”.
Purple Heart
Purple Heart Wood  ExamplePurple Heart Wood  Example
Central/South America The purple color darkens over time to brown with a hue of the original purple.
Acrylic Restless Night   The silver and black swirls of Restless Night will remind you of storm clouds moving by on a dark stormy night.
Acrylic Spring Day   A spring day is what this acrylic will bring to mind.