With your pen order you receive a complimentary Maple Wood Pen Box. For an additional fee you can upgrade or add engraving to your pen box. Would you like to upgrade or add engraving?

Looking for a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gift ..??.. Look no further.

Heirloom Pens

We can take your wood and create a pen in the style, finish and pen type of your choice.

Do you have a piece of furniture, an old barn, stadium seating, or any other wood that has sentimental value to you or your family?   Send us a piece of your wood. Depending on the condition and quality of the wood, we may be able to make a family heirloom for you.

    • We recently made a pen from a student’s childhood bunk-bed who was heading off to college. The Mom had her child’s name engraved on the pen.


    • We’ve made pens from the branch of a wisteria tree that was trailing over an arbor that a couple were married under.  As an anniversary gift to each other the couple had matching pens made. They also ordered a wood pen box and added sentimental engraving to celebrate the occasion.


    • We’ve also made pens from the wood planks of an old East Coast barn on property that had been in the family for years. They were selling the property and wanted keepsakes. The pens came out beautifully.


Send us an email ~ mike@mckinneypens.com ~ describing the piece of wood you have. We’ll get back to you with the arrangements on how to send us your wood.

    • Here’s an example of an heirloom pen made from the wood of an old barn that’s been on a family’s farm for 100+ years. There was a lot of insect damage… but with some special treatment … a beautiful heirloom keepsake was created.