With your pen order you receive a complimentary Maple Wood Pen Box. For an additional fee you can upgrade or add engraving to your pen box. Would you like to upgrade or add engraving?

Looking for a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gift ..??.. Look no further.


Before you purchase learn about pen plating — it’s related to your pens’ finish. Pen plating refers to the metal plating applied to the metal components of a pen. The type of plating – gold, titanium, etc – determines the pens’ ‘finish’.

The metal components of a pen are subject to wear with just normal use. Everyday use can create abrasions on the metal components — for example on the pen’s clip. For this reason it’s important to invest in high quality components. Manufacturers offer several quality levels of plating on these metal components. The higher the quality of the plating the better the wear resistance rating.

Wear Resistance Ratings
Finish Rating
Titanium – Gold & Black 5 Star
Chrome / Gun Metal 4 Star
10k Gold 3.5 Star
24k Gold 3 Star
Satin Series 2.5 Star
Black Chrome 2 Star
Tactile Series 2 Star
Copper 2 Star

McKinney Pens only uses top quality finishes [plating] for our custom pens so that you can feel confident that the finish you choose for your unique pen will have a higher wear resistance. The finish on our top quality pens are made from jewelry-grade precious metal plating. To ensure that your unique pen remains beautiful longer, invest in a top quality pen.